Transforming Covid-19 challenges into opportunities

Donation day

On Saturday morning Feb 27, TOP Kenya experts have given workshops all around Kenya about food security, food upcycling, open technology and green walls.

TOP Kenya and TOP Global are organizing an online conference on the topic of turning Covid-19 challenges into opportunities.

The event is in memory of school headmaster Samuel (Kaimaina primary school) who passed away a couple of years ago and who was a major figure in Education for Sustainable Development.

The public is invited. It will take place on zoom and Live on FB at 4 pm Kenyan time on February 27


TOP Shamba

What is TOP Shamba about ?

Here is the farm of James Otieno and an example of fruits and vegetables , herbs that are being grown:

Spinach and Kale, in portable used cement bags. Mostly for sales and home consumption. Harvested weekly fetching approximately$ 10 a week.

We experimented with Cherry tomatoes and is a big success. We planted 10 bags that gave 20kg. We plan to do more of this as it is tasty, more alkaline and lasts longer after harvest.


The conical garden has Spinach, Night Shade, local kale, Carrots and hot pepper. Takes little water and plants roots goes deep hence good harvest on a small space.

Banana of different varieties are doing well. Those ones were weighing 28Kg and 36Kg when harvested.

Strawberry does well in bags as well as on the green wall using bottles

Herbs and spices. This one is Sage. We currently are having the following herbs, Artemisia, Scavia, Oregano, Tarragon, Sweet Basil, African Basil, Ajuga Remota, Boldo, Rossel hibiscus, etc

This is a Sage (herb). It is very important herb:commonly used for treatment of tooth ache, cuts . There are many usages.




The prosumer

During this Coronavirus crisis, TOP Kenya co-founder James Otieno explains in this video what a prosumer is , taking the example of what his mother was doing in the early 80s, when he was bringing her a box full of food and commodities.
In the dispensation of the “New Normal” which is just a head of us here, the survivors must prepare for a new way of business. A business that takes care of the welfare of the environment, the customer and the producer (eg Farmer). All are to benefit from every transaction leading to Sustainability. Sharing what we have, selling and consuming our products ensures that at every opportunity we take every care to ensure quality of products, the persons and the soil or generally the environment. This ensures safety for mother nature and her inhabitants.

Ideal natural farm

The ideal natural farm that I envision has vegetables and grains growing beneath a mix of fruit trees and other trees.
It is a garden where river, bees, trees, fodder and grasses exist as one whole and harmony is maintained. The story of the original sin in which man’s ancestors ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge and were banished by God from the garden of Eden is not just a Parable of the ancient philosophers.
Even in these modern times, and for the future to come, it scathingly points out the innate failings of man. Man arose on this earth as one child of nature in the course of natural evolution.
After having acquired intelligence , he has broken away from a nature ruled over by God and begun to dash off full speed, a heretic pulling his bow at nature. This humanity that has turned its back on God and lost sight of Him is unable to grasp the heart of mother Nature Instead, he gives free rei to his desires, distorting and ruining nature as he pleases.
As he deviates thus from nature, he is digging his own grave.

TOP eXpert Mutulla teaches Papa nyadiel pupils how to make green wall

TOP eXpert Mutulla Kassi has volunteered to come to Papa Nyadial school four times to teach pupils how to make a green wall:
Papa nyadiel pupils preparing their bottles for green wall technology, and very ready to work.
A section of the group is preparing to construct their multistory garden: the pupils and teachers are very happy and eagerly waiting to see how the technology works.
Pupils are filling their bottles with soil being led by their teacher madam Pauline.
They have worked each day for 30 minutes.
On the forth day (July 12 2019) they have completed the green wall.
It is a 3 meters wall made by 21 pupils.
They planted black nightshade on the green wall, kales on the multi-story garden
The age ranges from 9 years to 1 3years.
Mutulla has created ” JOMUKA TECHNOLOGY FARM” that is promoting sustainable farming using Technology Of Peace.
Organizations or individuals with budgets are welcome to contact Mutulla for creating more green walls.
Tel: 0719327018

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This is madame Pauline inspecting the green wall one day after planting:

TOP Center Karura Forest primary school: most promising innovators

TOP Center Karura Forest primary school wins runners up trophy for the most promising innovators after Moi University during the public service awards ceremony at the Kenya School of Government. We will represent Kenya at the 7th AU summit on the 21st -23rd June at the KICC..

The innovation is an energy saving jiko/stove that uses less firewood and other organic material to cook food. It also transforms the firewood into biocharcoal that can be used later. It is a design based on the TLUD principle.


We have a holistic approach in controlling pests and diseases in organic farming. Integrated pest management ( IPM ). We start by feeding the soil and the soil feeds the plants. A healthy crop will resist attack. Resistant varieties , time of planting , companion planting , encouraging beneficial insects such as lady birds and parasitoids ( wasps) , trap crops etc. After doing all good agricultural practices and one finds insects attack, then one can use organic concoctions made of chilli, neem tree, ashes garlic etc.
Crop rotation of different crop families must be followed. Soil health a must.

The marigold (tegetes) is used to control pests such as white flies and nematodes.