TOP eXpert Mutulla teaches Papa nyadiel pupils how to make green wall

TOP eXpert Mutulla Kassi has volunteered to come to Papa Nyadial school four times to teach pupils how to make a green wall:
Papa nyadiel pupils preparing their bottles for green wall technology, and very ready to work.
A section of the group is preparing to construct their multistory garden: the pupils and teachers are very happy and eagerly waiting to see how the technology works.
Pupils are filling their bottles with soil being led by their teacher madam Pauline.
They have worked each day for 30 minutes.
On the forth day (July 12 2019) they have completed the green wall.
It is a 3 meters wall made by 21 pupils.
They planted black nightshade on the green wall, kales on the multi-story garden
The age ranges from 9 years to 1 3years.
Mutulla has created ” JOMUKA TECHNOLOGY FARM” that is promoting sustainable farming using Technology Of Peace.
Organizations or individuals with budgets are welcome to contact Mutulla for creating more green walls.
Tel: 0719327018

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This is madame Pauline inspecting the green wall one day after planting: