Farmers & Coffee Growing – From Kisumu to Nairobi: Summer 2024 - 6 Days

Why is it called TOP eXperience? (download flyer)
During this tour, you will:

  • Learn about the coffee industry from #farm to #cup by meeting involved parties from the old way and the new ecosystem being put in place with TOP Coffee support
  • Learn about the “Happy soil makes happy people” methodology
  • Learn about conservation activities including the Owl project and other unique birds that face extinction
  • Meet with local entrepreneurs and experts in technology, upcycling, permaculture, medicinal herbs and more
  • Encounter groups of women who have been empowered and have improved substantially their income
  • Visit schools masters and pupils who are reducing running costs, bringing revenues thanks to ESD principles, and creating a good relationship between communities in conflict
  • Contribute with your know-how and experience

Be inspired. Be part of the change.
The Top eXperience Tour and Training will give us a taste of the Paradigm shift. A shift that focuses on the well-being of Mother nature and human beings.  This is manifested in the new business model that arises from that shift:
People-Planet-Shared Prosperity.

Working with Nature makes the soil and the soul happy
It will allow us to know firsthand the ideas, practices, and methods of a new Business model. A model that values all the people involved in the value connection ties. It works with nature with the guiding idea of Happy Soil, last but not least it is based on shared prosperity.

Overview of the tour

How our walls and gardens become the source of food security
Creativity and leadership in search of means and methods to secure food security for every society is key in the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals. The TOP Shamba approach created by James has proved to be a game changer as you will observe in your visits to Joel Omino Secondary School and Lions High School in Kisumu City.
Kisumu is our first place to visit and it was the first one to embrace Education for Sustainable Development.
Joel Omino led by James was recognized as the 1st ESD pioneer center in 2013. In 2016, TOP Kenya was established in the Hut of Wisdom located in Joel Omino School. 

Beyond our Cup of Coffee- Starting of a sustainable story
Kenyan Coffee is one of the best in the world market, yet the farmers do not get value for their hard work. We will meet farmers with Daniel and David in the Kipkelion region, who have embarked on a transformation journey with TOP training to create a shift in the business model, that puts the well-being of People first followed by the well-being of the Planet and leading to shared Prosperity.

Green desert- a wake-up call.
The best agricultural land lying in the Great Rift Valley of Kenya is fully covered with a carpet of Tea, and yet people have no place to grow their daily food like vegetables, beans, etc. This leads to malnutrition among the children. We will meet with the Bomet women who were inspired by TOP mindset shift training and have come together to exploit their potential to transform their lives and the whole community.

Listening to Birds and People –essential for the well-being of Humans and Mother Nature
We shall visit and stay at the Owl center, where superstition is transformed into a friendly relationship and direct connection with owls. We shall go to a safari on the island of Lake Naivasha.

Last, we shall get to Know Sebastian, who will show us how he creates a transformation with coffee farmers, a transformation based on the idea that “happy soil makes happy soul”.  They were able to transform a coffee bush from producing an average of 2-5Kg into 20-50 Kg in just three years. The secret is to work with nature, listen to the soil and make it happy.

Detailed program:

Day 1

Arrivals at Kisumu International Airport. Received by James Otieno TOP Kenya Leader and drive to Hotel by Lake Victoria in Kisumu town, enjoy the special dinner of fresh Lake Victoria Tilapia for the night. 

Day 2
Take an early boat ride on Africa’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria to see some of the sea creatures like hippos and unique birds.
Visit Joel Omino Secondary school, the Pioneer Education for Sustainable Development with James telling the story of TOP from “The Hut of Wisdom”. You will be confronted with the ingenuity of the students in creating the world of tomorrow in education and sustainability.
In the afternoon, enjoy the creativity and inspiration from Lions High School community, a school that has been greatly influenced by the ESD program at Joel Omino Secondary school. 

Visit the “TOP Shamba” (kitchen garden) of James looking at the irrigation and the various initiatives taken in terms of food security.
You will hear the story of Shophar Kenya impacting on lives of this community as told by James the TOP Kenya Coordinator.
We then drive toward the coffee area and we’ll be sleeping at Koru Country Club.

Day 3
Drive along the hill county of Kericho, we will visit the local coffee factory (Kipkelion Coffee Mill) that is working with TOP. You’ll sample various Kenyan coffee varieties, making the best blends worldwide. An opportunity to harvest ripe berries and see for yourself the process of sorting them.
We will meet the Kipkelion Coffee Farmers who are making efforts to improve their production by applying the TOP initiatives of “Happy Soil makes happy people.”
A visit to TOP demo farm and interactions with individual farmers will give an insight of these people’s ingenuity.
We will then drive toward the Bomet county and the team will retire at Willies Hotel in Bomet.

Day 4
Travel through the “Green Desert” to meet the Bomet Women making transformation while tapping their potential. Women groups have transformed the whole community by embracing Education for Sustainable programs.
You will meet the TOP centers formed by women groups where poultry, pig rearing, art, etc, and all forms of creative art are put in place.
The team will take a game ride (safari) and retire for a well-deserved night at the owl center by Lake Naivasha for a blissful night with the story of the conservation of grassland and the ecosystem leading to profit for farmers and Mother Earth.

Day 5
Take a boat to the island of Lake Naivasha for a safari.
Drive to Hotel in Thika town for the night. Have refreshments at SACDEP, with Gachora sharing “Eliud’s” story. Eliud was the founder of and co-founder of TOP Kenya.
Evening dinner at Sebastian’s home blended with “Sebastian’s story” and a farewell party.
Sebastian Wambugu, co-founder of TOP Kenya is a specialty coffee expert,  agronomist, educator, and community facilitator working towards creating sustainable development, addressing issues of food security, orphans and youth in distress, and working with (coffee) farmers.

Day 6

Back to Nairobi International Airport for a flight back home.

Bon Voyage!

Fee: $5000
Deposit: 50% upon order, 100% to be paid not later than one month before, through bank transfer.
Note: we reserve the right to make some changes to the itinerary.


  • Meet & Assist upon arrival & departure
  • Daily touring as per the itinerary
  • MEALS –  drinks to be paid direct
  • 4” star Hotel or special apartments Accommodation for 5 nights and 6 days
  • Professional English-speaking nature guide
  • James Otieno, TOP Kenya group leader & TOP Global co-founders Eyal Bloch & Philippe Scheimann
  • Transportation in a deluxe air-conditioned motor coach & dedicated coach for nature tours
  • Entrance fees to all sites mentioned in the itinerary
  • Departure tax, land taxes, and basic tips
  • Mineral water per person per day
  • TOP eXperience certificate


By Tapping Our Potential, We Transform Our Problems
using Technology Of Peace

Trip Facts

  • 6-12
  • flight not included in the price
  • $5000
  • "TOP has launched an amazing movement throughout Kenya. Joining a TOP eXperience has been a once in a lifetime moment. Proud to be part of this amazing community!" Irene Toporkoff (HARTS/Worldcrunch Founder) "Back to Paris, I want to send you a great thank you !! It was so interesting !!! I learned a lot and want to continue with you this great challenge." Sylviane Toporkoff, President Global Forum
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